Animal production

We provide complete professional breeding activities:

  • Selection and purchase of breeding bulls abroad.
  • Breeding herd management and its qualitative development.
  • Cooperation in performance control.
  • Preparation of animals for exhibitions and basic selections.
  • Sale and purchase of mortgaging cattle.
  • Keeping central records.
  • Technological stable solutions.
  • Grant advice.

Crop prodution

  • Preparation of sowing plan.
  • TTP maintenance consultancy.
  • Mediation services and mechanization.
  • Precise and precise agriculture with telematics support.
  • Grant advice.


We support you in planning takeovers, investments and ongoing optimization of your economic activities.
We have the necessary experience and the right tools:

  • overall operational planning
  • investment preparation
  • investment planning
  • liquidity planning
  • Alternation of suitable crops
  • Feed and fertilizer production planning

General business consulting

We develop individual solutions for sustainable success. At the same time, we oversee not only all aspects of your company, but also your family and personal situation.
Our work focuses on your economic success:

  • Development of strategic concepts for entrepreneurs and companies
  • Development of long-term growth strategies

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